About US

About US

About Us

Flosverse CIC is a charitable organisation based in Scotland UK with 2 female founder who are passionate on women empowerment and keen on bridging the gap in gender parity within the tech sector and more so to the metaverse.

We train young girls aged between 13-17 in Web3 and immersive technologies, included 3D modelling. The girls get to learn from experienced artist our in-house curriculum generally touches on Virtual productions , immersive technologies, Blockchain Technology,web3 and 3D modelling as a standalone, alongside equipping them with soft skills which are transferable.

We also run upskilling programmes for women of all backgrounds as we believe if you Educate a woman you Educate a nation.Train the trainer programmes have been key to allowing us to train more women all at once.

Our Mision

Our mission being to Empower, Educate, Elevate women, creating true Social and Financial inclusion, Equal representation (gender parity) as well as promote Enhanced good Mental health in all the women that pass through our hands.

Our Vision

Our ambitious vision is to train 1million young girls and women by 2050 and open a number of immersive hubs with design studios attached on a global scale.