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STEM Workshops for Schools

Tailored programs to inspire young minds. We focus on: Intro to AI for Students: Grasp the basics of artificial intelligence, its impact, and real-world applications. Hands-On Robotics: Learn and build simple robotic models, understand their mechanisms, and explore potential career paths. VR Educational Journeys: Dive into immersive experiences that make complex STEM topics engaging and easy to understand.

On-Site Based Immersed Hub

Location Based Immersive hubs located at our physical site


Connecting aspiring female STEM enthusiasts with industry leaders for guidance and support.

Tech Workshops and Training Engaging

Hands-on workshops designed for all skill levels. Learn the basics of computing, explore AI models, or dive deep into specific tools and platforms.

Virtual Reality for Elderly Assistance

Leveraging VR to aid the elderly, helping them reconnect with the world, relive memories, and experience therapeutic journeys.

Youth Tech Engagement Programs

Specialized programs designed to capture the imagination of the youth, introducing them to potential tech careers and fostering a passion for innovation.

Tech for Social Impact

Collaborative projects that harness technology to address social challenges and create positive change within the community

STEM Engagements

STEM Ambassadorship Program Our experienced ambassadors introduce STEM to communities, schools, and organizations, sparking curiosity and fostering a passion for these fields.