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Our mission is to empower communities through the transformative power of technology. With your support, we can make the future brighter, more inclusive, and more tech-driven for everyone.

Donate Essential Tech Items

We understand that technology is constantly evolving. Devices that were once cutting-edge can quickly become yesterday’s news. However, they still hold immense value in our community projects. Consider donating your gently-used:

Oculus Quest 2 Headsets

Immerse our learners in the world of VR, giving them a firsthand experience of the limitless horizons of virtual reality.


Power our coding boot camps, digital design workshops, and other tech-related lessons.

Gaming Equioments

Allow our community to understand the science behind game development and animation, and perhaps, inspire the next big game designer!

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Mobile Gadget

Connect our community to the world and assist in mobile application learning sessions.

Other Tech Items

Got a piece of tech that isn’t on this list but you think might be useful for our community? Let us know!

Sponsor a Cohort

Consider sponsoring a cohort for our introduction to VR and Robotics. Your support can give an entire group of budding tech enthusiasts the resources they need to delve deep into these fields.

Bronze Sponsorship

Covers the basic needs for one cohort including VR headset rental and basic robotics kits.

Silver Sponsorship

Covers advanced robotics equipment, extended VR experiences, and includes mentorship sessions

Gold Sponsorship

A comprehensive sponsorship covering top-notch equipment, extended program duration, and guest lectures from industry professionals

Why Donate

Your donations, be it tech items or sponsorships, directly impact the communities we serve. Each item is a step closer to leveling the tech playing field, ensuring everyone, irrespective of their background, has a fair shot at understanding, learning, and possibly shaping the future of technology.

How to Donate

Physical Items

Physical Items

Please get in touch with us at for details on drop-off locations or item pickups.

Monetary or Sponsorship

Monetary or Sponsorship

Click on the ‘Sponsor Now’ button below to choose your sponsorship package or to make a monetary contribution.


Join us on this fun trip to improve your tech skills. Together, we can make a world where everyone has equal access to digital opportunities, where dreams become real, and where communities thrive in the digital age.

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